Industrial aqueduct of Valpantena

The industrial aqueduct of Valpantena provides non-drinkable water to the entire marble district in the area. Rainwater is collected inside a large 600 m3 tank located before the valley and used by various companies in different quantities according to their needs.

This water storage and distribution system plays a fundamental role in our field, as water resources are indispensable to the functioning of block cutters and machinery such as milling machines, squaring machines, trimming machines, polishing machines etcetera.

We also operate as consultants and interact with the administration for our associate businesses. We bring requests to businesses and we monitor the health status of their infrastructures, assessing their correct functioning, suggesting possible improvements and maintenance works to provide a more performing service.

Advantages for the environment:
Saving drinking water

Surface water collected in this tank enables companies to cut down on their drinking water consumption for stone processing.   
Over the past years, many companies have started to use filter presses for wastewater management, thereby using the same water for further processing cycles.

Advantages for companies:
Economic saving

Thanks to the Consortium, a meter was installed tracking the accurate consumption of each company. Thus, the cost of industrial water is divided among companies according to their size and the materials that they process.  Consequently, the cost of the finished product is more sustainable, both from an environmental and economic point of view.

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