Green philosophy of the Consortium of Marble Workers from Valpantena

We listen to the industry.
We listen to our associates.
We listen to the Earth and to our territory.

We promote natural stone in all its forms

by processing it with low energy consumption and the utmost respect for our environment. Natural stone can be recycled eternally and used in other sectors, as well as restored easily for external use.

We recognize the immense value of our territory.

We take care of our landscape and natural water resources when processing stone. We all share values of environmental sustainability, aiming to evolve together and respect our planet.

We give new life to excavated areas

through quarry restoration, an accurate land restoration and subsequent reforestation. We were the first Consortium in Italy to take action to manage residues derived from the processing of marble, granite and alike.

What the Consortium of Marble Workers from Valpantena does for the environment and our territory

Since 2009, we have been working to turn a limestone quarry into a silts landfill located in Orsara, in the village of Lugo in the Municipality of Grezzana. Associates of Val di Pan stock their production waste in this area. Our associates, together with the Verona Stone District, are responsible for 50% of stone processing in Italy: thanks to this project, they can reduce costs of waste transport and cooperate to enhance our territory.

  • Controlled management of production waste significantly reduces costs for waste disposal. Thus, we can manufacture natural stone finished products at a competitive price.

  • Residue characterisation enables us to operate in accordance with environmental regulations.

  • Monitoring of the entire process, from excavation to waste disposal, helps us adopt virtuous behaviours at all times.

  • Monthly monitoring of stocked material activates smart procedures to implement future actions.

  • Waterproofing of the landfill with natural clay, the definition of an adequate feasibility and of an updated territorial structure satisfy the current needs of businesses and inhabitants of the territory.

Our shared vision aims at turning the land around our businesses into sustainable territories for households living in the area. And we strongly believe that the behaviours and positive actions in our daily activity aim at reaching this noble goal.

Help us support the planet, work with our associates.

On a practical level, we provide our associate businesses with effective solutions for waste collection and dust control in manufacturing processes.

Stilt collection: marble and granite residues derived from the manufacturing process are transported to Orsara.

Deposition: residues are deposited and pressed into the Orsara excavated area until solid layers of material are formed.

Morphology: the hollow land is thus re-filled, and the original morphology of the land is re-established.

Environmental policy of the Consortium of Marble Workers from Valpantena

Sharing our knowledge, expertise and values is of utmost importance to us. Thus, you can make safe and informed decisions when choosing the best solutions to suit your projects and safeguard the environment.

Management System UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification

This is an environmental certificate certifying our commitment to safeguard the environment. We have decided to adopt informed and empowering behaviours, aiming to create a management system reinforcing sustainability in all its forms.

We are aware of the impact that our activities may have on the environment, and we believe that environmental respect is integral part of our choices. Therefore, the Consortium of Marble Workers of Valpantena has chosen to adopt an Environmental Management System complying with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 regulation.

To this end, we are committed to:

  • determining, monitoring and reducing our environmental footprint;
  • complying with the applicable legislation and the undersigned requirements;
  • improving our environmental footprint through:
    • staff engagement and awareness raising on topics related to environmental protection;
    • stakeholders’ commitment to environmental matters;
    • selection, when possible, of suppliers providing services that comply with the environmental management system in place;
  • seeking to step up our environmental effort, aiming to prevent any possible sources of pollution and major accidents;
  • raising awareness among our internal staff about environmental topics through adequate training;
  • providing all necessary resources (human, technological and financial) to implement and maintain the Environmental Management System;
  • properly implementing provisions of Environmental Management procedures in order to reduce the risk of accidents damaging the environment;
  • setting environmental goals while taking into account our context and the environmental impact of our activities.

The Directorate defines the objectives and is in charge of monitoring and reassessing them on a regular basis to evaluate the results achieved and identify new goals in line with the principles of continuous improvement. Environmental Policies and goals are communicated to our partners in order to share our principles and to ensure that they are known and shared.

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