Agglomerate for architecture and design

Agglomerate is a composite material obtained through natural marble granules mixing with cement or resins. It is an innovative solution with a wide range of patterns available, and many more to come. It is perfect for large surface coverings, as it was initially intended as industrial product, and for creating unique single items of furniture.

Its fine characteristics and charm are the result of research and development of top-notch, state of the art technologies. Beauty, resistance and practicality are the greatest and most visible qualities of agglomerate.

Agglomerates serve various purposes in the construction field, as they achieve modern and refined aesthetic results. According to the size of the granules in their composition, agglomerates are available in a vast range of enchanting patterns and colours, blending perfectly with any space and adding rich and bright chromatic contrasts, surrounded by a contemporary and majestic atmosphere.

Aesthetic characteristics

Agglomerates can feature many different shades and colours, but they still maintain the colour homogeneity of the marble chosen for manufacturing. The final look also depends on the size of the granules, either big or micro granules. Agglomerates can be produced over and over again, they can be customized and integrated into small or large-scale interior design projects or used for external coverings.

Technical characteristics

Agglomerate is a compact material with high resistance to abrasions, bending and impact, it can be designed with various finishes, thereby creating a sensational look and touch. By operating at the early stages of the supply chain, we can create customized agglomerate slabs according to the desired colour, size and thickness, and according to project requirements.

Choose agglomerate for your architecture, furnishing or interior design projects: this material is perfect to create items of furniture and coverings of great impact.

Among the companies of our network, you can find:

Architects and designers coming up with new and innovative mix

Marble workers and artisans converting agglomerate slabs into finished or semifinished products

Advisors to help choose the most suitable agglomerates to match the intended purpose

Suppliers of agglomerate blocks, slabs and processed agglomerates

Agglomerates distributors

Agglomerate setters and experts of agglomerate care and maintenance

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