Marble for architecture and design

Marble is the most renowned, appreciated and desired natural stone in the furniture and architecture industries. Thanks to its physical, mechanical and technical features, marble is the ideal solution to satisfy both functional and aesthetic needs.

The word marble comes from the ancient Greek “Màrmaros”, which literally means “shining stone”, a stone with the ability to capture light and reflect it to donate the feeling of a room with endless space. Despite its solemn magnificence and thanks to the work of experienced and passionate professionals, marble can create airy, light and lively styles.

Thanks to its refined details, brightness and metamorphic minerals recrystallized in stone, marble is appreciated across times and place. With their undoubted elegance and harmonic style, monuments and architecture installations with an ancient look stand out anywhere in the world.

Aesthetic characteristics

Marble, just like all travertines, is found in nature in different shades; infiltrations of minerals such as rock, sand, clay and loam create unique patterns and styles. Each slab, tile, covering or processed marble will differ from the other, and the overall result will be one of a kind.

Technical characteristics

Marble is resistant, but easy to process. It can undergo most processing procedures, thus creating enchanting new looks and feelings. Moreover, marble has easy care and maintenance, it is hygienic, antibacterial, fire-proof and resistant to scratching and thermal shock. It is the ideal solution for residential places.

Choose marble for your architecture and interior design projects, and you will achieve a timeless result, continuously self-renovating thanks to its shades and evolving ways to relate with the surrounding environment.

Among the companies of our network, you can find:

Experts of mining and quarrying procedures

Marble workers and artisans converting raw materials into finished or semifinished products

Advisors to help choose the most suitable marble for specific projects

Suppliers of marble blocks, slabs and processed marble

Distributors of the most exclusive marbles from all over the world

Marble setters and experts of marble care and maintenance.

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