Natural stone decorative moldings

The stunning results achievable thanks to top-notch machinery are true, customed works of art. By doing so, moldings too become decor elements to be admired.

Examples include fireplace coverings, door and window frames, moulded wall frames, column decorations and elements of funerary art. Natural stone used for the creation of such elements can take any shape thanks to the expertise of our artisans. The final result will show veining running through the surface, colours and shades intertwining, shiny minerals that add value to the project, turning it into a unique and exclusive piece of work.

Our clients can count on us to take care of every element, process and finish the product by hand and attend to every tiny detail: we strive for perfection. Our marble workers and stone artisans are appreciated and admired all over the world for their ability to reveal the secret soul of stone, on large and tiny projects alike. 

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The materials with which we can make moldings:

Some examples of realisations:

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