Granite for architecture and design

Granite is an ancient and very resistant material. It is the most common raw material on Earth, as it is formed from the slow solidification of volcanic magma. It features various different colours, grain sizes and patterns according to the extraction area.

It is a natural stone with a holocrystalline structure deriving from the crystallization of its minerals. As a result of slow cooling, time passing and external environmental factors, granite is very bright when exposed to light.

Due to its wide availability, this solution is perfect for small and large architecture and interior design projects. Moreover, thanks to technologies and human ingenuity, granite surfaces can create numerous effects with a great aesthetic impact, lasting over time and giving projects a more refined look.  

Aesthetic characteristics

Granite is naturally available in a variety of different colours and patterns, both uniform and with veining. Containing crystals with an elegant and refined touch, the diversity of crystallised minerals gives granite different structures and colours. Granite is the most common natural material on Earth, and it is available in large quantities.

Technical characteristics

Granite is a very hard and resistant rock. Standing out for its extraordinary abrasion resistance, it is suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as interior floors. Additionally, it has great compression strength and wear resistance and, when exposed to atmospheric agents, it remains unchanged over time, preserving its original look: this is the reason why granite is perfect for outdoor solutions.

Add granite to your architecture and interior design projects. You can count on a lasting result, which will continue to shine over time and to surprise those who are surrounded by it, both in formal and informal locations.

Among the companies of our network, you can find:

Experts of mining and quarrying procedures;

Marble workers and artisans converting raw materials into finished or semifinished products

Advisors to help choose the most suitable granite for specific projects

Suppliers of granite blocks, slabs and processed granite

Distributors of the most exclusive granites from all over the world

Granite setters and experts of granite care and maintenance.

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