Onyx for architecture and design

Onyx is a rare, very peculiar stone. It is a compact natural stone encompassing a vast spectrum of vivid colours with countless warm, cold and neutral shades. It has an extraordinary resistance and displays very classy aesthetic traits; thanks to its translucent effect, it can be used with multiple light sources for backlit applications and to achieve surprising lighting effects.

It is the undisputed protagonist in modern architecture, both in refined residential places and in hotels, restaurants and luxury wellness centres. Onyx can indeed create evocative narratives shedding light on the slow and secret process that this natural stone has undergone in the subsoil.

A wide variety of monochromatic, striped or multicolour onyx can be found in nature, and many more are yet to be discovered. Among the most common are black onyx, white onyx and green onyx.

Aesthetic characteristics

Onyx can be found in a vast spectrum of colours, and its aesthetic and physical features are determined by the origin and extraction site of the stone. The minerals of which onyx is composed create never-ending spotted or striped patterns: a real work of art to be admired in the form of furniture accessory or covering.

Technical characteristics

Although it may seem like a delicate material judging by its translucent look, onyx is a very resistant rock. It does not alter over time and is resistant to impact and scratching. Onyx is a refined material suitable for exclusive and classy interior solutions; it is easily processed and customized according to the context of use and the intended result.

If you wish to incorporate lighting design into your architecture or interior design project, onyx is the right choice for you. This material guarantees a high aesthetic value and performing surface finishes.

Among the companies of our network, you can find:

Experts in researching new trendy onyx for interior design

Marble workers and artisans converting onyx slabs into finished or semifinished products

Advisors to help choose the most suitable colour to match project materials

Suppliers of onyx blocks, slabs and processed onyx

Distributors of the most exclusive onyx from all over the world

Onyx setters and experts of onyx care and maintenance

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